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Parallel AMR Code for Compressible MHD or HD Equations

Shengtai Li
Hui Li
AMR Rayleigh-Taylor Simulation

We have developed a modern code to solve the magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) or hydrodynamic (HD) equations. The code consists of several approaches for solving the MHD (or HD) by high-resolution schemes with finite-volume and finite difference methods. A framework that implements adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) with nested block-structure is developed. It can handle cylindrical and spherical geometries as orthogonal curvilinear grid as well as the Cartesian grid. We also enhance the AMR capabilities by the preserving the conservative quantities and preserving the divergence free constraint for vector-field.

The code is fully parallelized with message passing interface (MPI) and a dynamic load balancing scheme is incorporated to improve the parallel efficiency. Our code is designed in a way that existing codes for a single grid can be easily incorporated.