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Mesh Generation and Adaptation

Rocker Arm

The meshing team develops algorithms for automatic generation and adaptation of unstructured meshes for a wide variety of applications. Current research topics include quality improvement of polygonal and polyhedral meshes, node repositioning for surface meshes using local parametrization techniques, untangling of meshes and reconnection methods for non-simplicial meshes.

The meshing team also provides unstructured mesh infrastructure, called MSTK, to a variety of meshing and numerical analysis applications. MSTK provides an easy-to-use functional interface for creating, modifying and accessing unstructured mesh information using a flexible representation that achieves a tradeoff between computational and storage efficiency depending on user needs. MSTK has been used in applications such as analysis of transport phenomena, multilevel accelerated grid optimization and locally conservative interpolation of data between unstructured grids. MSTK is constantly being developed to make it faster and more compact.

Further details on the individual projects are available from the Meshing Projects page.

Recent Research Highlights


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