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Yoav Bergner and Luis M. A. Bettencourt, "Self-consistent bounce: An improved nucleation rate", Physical Review D, vol. 69, pp. 045012, 2004


We generalize the standard computation of homogeneous nucleation theory at zero temperature to a scenario in which the bubble shape is determined self-consistently with its quantum fluctuations. Studying two scalar models in 1+1 dimensions, we find the self-consistent bounce by employing a two-particle irreducible effective action in imaginary time at the level of the Hartree approximation. We thus obtain an effective single bounce action which determines the rate exponent. We use collective coordinates to account for the translational invariance and the growth instability of the bubble and finally present a new nucleation rate prefactor. We compare the results with those obtained using the standard 1-loop approximation and show that the self-consistent rate can differ by several orders of magnitude.

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