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Rotem Manor, Aric Hagberg and Ehud Meron, "Wave-number locking in spatially forced pattern-forming systems", EPL, vol. 83, doi:10.1209/0295-5075/83/10005, pp. 10005, 2008


We use the Swift-Hohenberg model and normal-form equations to study wave-number locking in two-dimensional systems as a result of one-dimensional spatially periodic weak forcing. The freedom of the system to respond in a direction transverse to the forcing leads to wave-number locking in a wide range of forcing wave-numbers, even for weak forcing, unlike the locking in a set of narrow Arnold tongues in one-dimensional systems. Multi-stability ranges of stripe, rectangular, and oblique patterns produce a variety of resonant patterns. The results shed new light on rehabilitation practices of banded vegetation in drylands.

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