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Yair Mau, Aric Hagberg and Ehud Meron, "Dual-mode spiral vortices", Phys. Rev E., vol. 80, doi:10.1103/PhysRevE.80.065203, pp. 065203(R), 2009


We show that spiral vortices in oscillatory systems can lose stability to secondary modes to form dual-mode spiral vortices. The secondary modes grow at the vortex core where the oscillation amplitude vanishes but are nonlinearly damped by the oscillatory mode away from the core. Gradients of the oscillation phase, induced by the hosted secondary mode, can lead to additional hosting events that culminate in periodic core oscillations or in a novel form of spatio-temporal chaos. The results of this study apply to physical, chemical, and biological systems that go through cusp-Hopf, fold-Hopf, and Hopf-Turing bifurcations.

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