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M. S. Shephard, M. W. Beall, R. Garimella and R. Wentorf, "Automatic Construction of 3-D Models in Multiple Scale Analysis", Computational Mechanics, vol. 17, no. 3, pp. 196-207, Dec 1995


This paper discusses techniques for the automatic construction of numerical analysis models for multiple scale analyses which employ interacting models at two, or more, physical scales. Consideration is given to the methods to define the geometric representations and generate the discretizations needed by the numerical analysis procedures. The application of the techniques to multichip modules and composite structures, with interacting macromechanical and micromechanical level analyses, is demonstrated. In the multichip module analyses both heat conduction and thermomechanical analysis are performed using different numerical analysis techniques, and the two interaction of the analyses at the through levels is through a basic global/local methodology. The composite structure analysis considers crack propagation at the micromechanical level interacting with the macromechanical analysis through finite element based adaptive multiscale analysis. In both example applications the focus of the discussion is on the automatic construction of the required geometric models and their automatic discretization.

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