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Visiting T-5

T-5 prides itself on its many collaborations with scientists and students from around the world. Our visitors are key to preserving both the vitality and youth of our research.

Scientists and faculty visit T-5 upon invitation by a staff member or by contacting the group management. Most students visit T-5 through our summer student program. All visitors should contact their hosts and the group office regarding any arrangements for their visit. Our office staff are experts in arranging for your visit, but please bear in mind that increased security requirements at all government research laboratories means that approval for foreign visitors can take much longer than in the past. Do discuss any unusual constraints or requirements with your host(s) and the group office. Note that we cannot allow anyone on site without prior approval.

Arriving at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Upon arrival visitors should first proceed to the badge office, where they will be provided with a LANL-issued Department of Energy (DOE) badge. To receive a badge, the visitor must provide adequate photo-identification. In particular, foreign nationals MUST present a current passport from their country of citizenship, and if applicable, their resident alien card. This badge must be worn at all times while on-site and returned to the group office or badge office before leaving.

After receiving your badge, you should visit the T-5 group office where our staff will explain the local process of reimbursement, safety, and security. The T-5 group office will provide you with an additional card to be worn with your badge. This card will tell you who your official hosts are (the staff responsible for your safety and security), provide emergency contact numbers and list the buildings that you may visit. If you requested computer access you will then meet with our computer system administrator for information about our local cybersecurity regulations and to activate your account.

Here are some important cybersecurity regulations you should know about prior to your visit:

At the end of your stay, and before leaving, please stop by the group office.

Reimbursement and allowable expenses

If we have agreed to reimburse you for your travel expenses according the DOE/LANL travel guidelines then please observe the following limits and guidelines:

Airfare: Limited to the lowest available fare (normally a published, non-refundable fare or a Laboratory negotiated fare) that is based on the official business begin and end dates. Our travel budget is limited at this time and we encourage you to make every effort to identify discount airfare.

Rental Car: Use "mid-size" car when available. Use the contracted vendor when possible; the Budget Rent-A-Car LANL corporate account number is T453800. Any special rates obtained for personal use apply to official use. Collision insurance is included when the T453800 corporate account number is used. Any additional coverage is not reimbursable by the Laboratory

Private Vehicle : Mileage Reimbursement Rate: $0.485 per mile.

Commercial Lodging: Use actual lodging expenses (excluding taxes and surcharges) up to the maximum lodging allowance established for the lodging location. For Los Alamos, the maximum lodging allowance is $75/day, excluding taxes. When booking a local hotel, ask for the less expensive of their special rates (AAA, AARP, weekend specials) and the government rate. Please book your reservations directly with the hotel chain and not through a booking service; booking service fees may not be reimbursable.

Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE) Up to a maximum of $49/day

It is our goal to make your visit productive and enjoyable. If you have any questions or concerns about your visit, please do not hesitate to contact the T-5 group office staff or your host.

If you have access to the internal LANL web sites, then please check for additional information on DOE/LANL travel policies

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