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James (Mac) Hyman


james mac hyman

James (Mac) Hyman
Mathematical Modeling and Analysis, T-7
Mail Stop B284
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM 87545
Phone: +1.505.412-0631
Email: mhyman@tulane.edu

Currently at Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

Mac Hyman Tulane Webpage

Research Interests

My research interests include building a solid mathematical foundation for difference approximations to partial differential equations and using mathematical models to better understand and predict the spread of epidemics. Most of my publications are in mathematical modeling and I have passion for writing quality software for numerical differentiation, interface tracking, adaptive grid generation, and the iterative solutions of nonlinear systems. I organize and manage a program for graduate students in mathematical modeling and analysis at Los Alamos.

Publications and Research Summaries

Life, Joy, the Pursuit of Happiness

For a few details on how he ended up living a life of mathematics, dance, poetry, and skiing on top of a mountain in the middle of New Mexico click for an unauthorized (but mostly factual) biography written for an Esquire article many many years ago. The real details on his life can be found in his answers to the list of questions or in the short vita he prepared for the Can-Can in the Los Alamos Melodrama or scattered through the Los Alamos Arts Calendar. If you visit and are looking for things to do in Los Alamos, then check out Wikitravel and Virtual Los Alamos.

T-7 Home › People › James (Mac) Hyman                                                     Resume | Visiting T-7 | Jobs | T Division | CNLS | AMS

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