Mac Hyman's Can-Can Vita

Mac has been dancing through life, occasionally to music and sometimes even on stage. He was born and raised in the south, and spent his college years in New Orleans and New York City where he managed to stay alive long enough to escape to New Mexico a quarter century ago. For the past ten years he has been studying with Christen Howell's Oxymoron dancers and appreciates her patience and the joy for dance she shares with her students. Dancing in the Can Can line at the melodrama seems to him like the most natural way in the world to start the new millennium. Type casting? Maybe ...

Can-Can Photo
Dancing Girl! Los Alamos Melodramas and Can-Can pages.

In 2003, the melodrama is on a cruise ship in the 1920s. Instead of a can-can the Oxymoron's are swinging to the Charleston.

The real details on his life can be found in his unauthorized (but mostly factual) biography and in his answers to the list of questions.