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Adaptive mesh method and parallel computation for HD and MHD, and computational astrophysics.

Related publications:
"Moving mesh method with upwinding schemes for time-dependent PDEs."
"Stability for moving mesh system for partial differential equations."
"Interactive and Dynamic Control of Adaptive Mesh Refinement with Nested Hierarchical Grids"
"Solution Adapted Nested Grid Refinement of 2-D PDEs"
"An Adaptive Moving Mesh Method with Locally Refined Nested Grids for Partial Differential Equations"
"An Adaptive Moving Mesh Method with Static Rezoning for Partial Differential Equations"
"A novel approach of divergence-free reconstruction for adaptive mesh refinement"
"Adjoint Sensitivity for PDEs with adaptive mesh refinement"
"Adaptive algorithms for optimal control of time-dependent partial differential-algebraic equation systems"
"Solution Adapted Nested Grid Refinement and Sensitivity Analysis for Parabolic Partial Differential Equations"

Last modified: September 17, 2004